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List of commonly used command line tools on macOS

Here’s a list of commonly used command line tools and commands on macOS.

The command line interface (CLI) on macOS provides a powerful and efficient way to interact with your computer, perform system tasks, and automate workflows. In this article, we will explore a list of commonly used command line tools on macOS that can empower you to work more effectively in the terminal environment.

  1. ls: Lists the files and directories in the current directory.
  2. cd: Changes the current directory.
  3. pwd: Prints the current working directory.
  4. mkdir: Creates a new directory.
  5. rm: Removes files and directories.
  6. cp: Copies files and directories.
  7. mv: Moves or renames files and directories.
  8. touch: Creates a new file.
  9. cat: Displays the contents of a file.
  10. grep: Searches for a specific pattern in files.
  11. find: Searches for files and directories based on various criteria.
  12. chmod: Changes the permissions of a file or directory.
  13. chown: Changes the ownership of a file or directory.
  14. ssh: Connects to a remote server using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.
  15. top: Displays real-time information about system processes.
  16. man: Displays the manual pages for commands and utilities.
  17. history: Shows a list of previously executed commands.
  18. curl: Transfers data to or from a server using various protocols.
  19. tar: Creates or extracts compressed archive files.
  20. sudo: Executes a command with administrative privileges.


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